Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Palette Swaping

So I finally got it together and figured out how to swap out palettes. There were a number of stupid things going on, but now its pretty simple to find where a tile references its tile and to change it (at least, for Street Fighter 2). I think the biggest problem I was having before is that I wasn't having trouble finding the palette for the title screen, but when I tried to find one for a character i never got anything. I thought the problem was in the transparency color and that value was messing things up, but that wasn't it. The whole time I was searching for palette data on the Player 1 character--the character that faces screen right. This meant all of my palettes corresponded with this. However, in the tileset, all of the characters are facing to screenleft. No wonder my palette searches weren't coming up with anything, i was looking for a mirrored version of what was there (silly japanese people and their backwards everything). After that, there were (and still are) a few small speedbumps in the process, but its nothing too painful now. Mostly just manually insterting the palette RGB values, because Tile Layer Pro still seems to have trouble importing palette files generated from Digisalt's apps. Still, im glad to have figured this out, as this now opens up a world of infinite (well, almost) color combinations. Tinkering can be seen below (abstracting further as you go down). The last one I liked so much theres even a video of it. Man, check out ryu's blood when he gets hit at 00:23. Radical

On a tangent to this issue and my problems with TileLayerPro, i stumbled on this wonderful java-based graphics editor today called Tile Molester (great name, right). Though really it's showing the same exact tile set in pretty much the same manner, for some reason after scrolling through SFII in it I discovered so many new things I never noticed before. Maybe it was looking at the tileset through a different program's eyes, im not sure. Either way, theres some fun stuff I found that ill have to look more into later. I cant say that Tile Molester is as useful as TileLayerPro as far as actual editing is concerned, but it is a great overall program for viewing and moving things around (it can also view graphics from other-gen systems i believe, like n64 and whatnot, which is pretty awesome. also, just the fact that it runs of java is sweet enough in itself).

The Tile Molester in all its glory

Also, here's a few videos from last week I forgot to put up here. The first is my attempt to decode the horrendous graphics problem of Mortal Kombat while the second was basically some glitch tests i happened to come across while i was jumbling around graphics in MK. Basically, changing the visual representation of hex data in TileLayerPro and seeing what happened. Also concerning Mortal Kombat, I really wanted to work more with MK than SFII because of its..."features" i suppose (lots of blood, fatalaties, etc), but after spending the past two weeks trying to crack its graphics and still being stuck Im not sure how hopeful its looking. I beleive the graphics are actually compressed, which if they are, means ive pretty much hit a brick wall because i definitely dont have the time to figure out how to decompress them at this point. Maybe some time in the future though. Ill give an update on the actual physical bending of the SNES sometime soon as well.

(a bunch of tests stitched together)


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